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The North See Canal also known as Kiel Canal

To register to be organ donor

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And then after Bremerhaven I drove south again to Bremen and then around Elbe River inlet and north through Hamburg to Rendsburg. In afterthought I think it would have been just as easy to go north from Bremerhaven to Cuxhaven, catch a ferry across the river Elbe and drive B roads to Rendsburg. Got in about 7PM, very nice accomodation. Took a walk in city, found post, bank, internet cafe, and steakhouse. Decided to have a ribeye and get some red meat. I've been taking my iron but haven't had alot of greens like spinach or red meat - good iron sources. It tasted good and was satisfying. Worked on journal and hiked home. Slept well. Up at 9AM for breakfast. And started walking again looking for bike rental. Found one by Bahnhof - bus and train station but closed on Sunday. Wanted to cycle on the canal.

I am on the North See Canal. Here is excerpt from website "The world`s busiest artificial waterway, the KIEL-CANAL (known in Germany as the NORD-OSTSEE-KANAL) runs for almost 100 km right through Schleswig-Holstein - from Brunsb├╝ttel to Kiel-Holtenau - and links the North Sea with the Baltic. An average of 250 nautical miles will be saved by using the KIEL-CANAL instead of the way around Skaw. During its bulduing phasis naval strategies were important - today the KIEL-CANAL is the basis for the trade between the countries of the baltic area with the rest of the world." 100 km translates out to about 60 miles. My hotel - Conventgarten - sits right on the canal and you can see the ships rolling by. Hoping to see big ocean cruiser, so far industrial ships, and small pleasure boats. "The KIEL-CANAL is the most heavily used artificial seaway in the world. Excluding sporting boats and other small boats, an average of 114 ships per day used the canal in 2006. "

I put some other pictures of interest on - found a brochure on organ donation in a kiosk in Netherlands post. Had owner at Drouwen interpret facts for me and told him I had a liver transplant. He was surprised.

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