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picture of the zoo - right on the waterfront

German Immigration Museum

The room where you could find out details on over 1000 immigrants...

Here was my immigrant and the device you listened on

example of second class accomodation and introduction of wash basin

dining area for steerage travelers - the lowest class, this is more...

Moving sentiment - there was a room nearby with quiet contemplative music;...

examples of some of the trunks - the only possessions they had...

Immigration pattern - light green is German, olive is Scandinavian (Iowa) and...

Today where descendants of immigrants are; the light green is German, the...

phone books!!

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An example of the work of the museum's sense of reality for...

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Dining - the lady at the end is listening to translated letters...

Saturday dawned beautiful and with the owner knocking on my door. I slept a solid 10 hours! That Hunebedden searching wore me out! No actually Tommy was calling. As you may have figured out - we decided not to go to London. But Tommy will be meeting up with me in a few days in Hamburg and then will tour through Denmark - Jutland - with me.

I drove to the nearest small town with a supermarket and got some Dutch coffee for a friend who requested it. Saw my first traffic accident in the parking lot of the supermarket. Those Dutch seem to be in such a hurry to get places. They will get right on your bumper like they are in a hurry and want to get around. And the next thing you know when you look in the rearview mirror they are gone. They turn off just as suddenly.

Then I got on the road for Germany. It is netherlands holiday on Monday - like Queen's Day but many take Friday plus the weekend. It is a big camping holiday. Also there was some motorcycle thing in a nearby city. Saw alot of those again. The owner ofthe hotel when seeing I was American from my reservation thought I might be going to the motorcycle thing. I said 'no way' but I think there are definitely some stereotypes out there. He thought I'd be really interested in the motorcycles AND I forgot to tell you this one. When I first met Andreas he was fascinated by the Indians in America. He thought there were alot of them. I just thought he meant the East Indians but no - the bang-bang cowboys and Indians. Funny!

Well I had not been on the road for more than 45 minutes and I hit a major stau! And eventually in an hour I found out it was because the A went down to one lane! And then back to normal. But by the time I hit the stau it was almost 6 miles long. Yikes! I did some videos for you then - got alittle bored.

At Bremen I headed north to Bremerhaven. When I first drove into Bremerhaven I wasn't too impressed. It reminded me of Everett WA - industrial maritime. But when I got to the ferry docks and harbours it was a different story. They are doing alot to build up their tourism here. Several new museums and some other new hotel structures. There is a ship museum there that looked fantastic, and I guess they have one of the best zoos - it sits on the harbour - took a picture of that as well. But I went to see the German Immigration Museum which was excellent. My great grandparents came from north Germany area which went back and forth between Denmark and Germany - the Schleswig holstein area. You get the name of an immigrant and throughout the walk you find out what happened to them. Mine was a 10month old Jewish Czech who was in a displaced persons camp after the war. The areas she and her parents were from were destroyed and there was no where to go. Not only did these people (those who survived the Holocaust) lose family and homes, afterwards they could not pick up the pieces of their life. They could not have back what they had lost. There were also stories about other immigrants like my grandparents who came because of the promise of land and jobs. For Danish and German young men the farm went to the oldest boy. That meant the others had to find work elsewhere or always be laborors on the farm with no chance of owning. By going to America they could buy land and have a new life. The museum took you through the stages of their journey with replicas of the loading areas, parts of the ship, an area where you could find out about your person and others - over 1000 people represented, landing in America, an area to do research on geneology (plus there is another museum in town to help with geneology). It was fascinating and moving. Really well done and fun. I hurried through but still was there 1 1/2 hours. Worth a visit I think especially if you have German heritage.

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