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I know these will be boring for you nongardening types - Huge...

Boring shot # 1 - delicious long perennial border !!! Yummy to...


This is for you Carole Eppler - a little bird just peeped...

A gigantic circle of oxalis (I didn't find it easy to grow...

There was also a sculpture garden with sculptures by Zimbabe artists

fun platforms over a pool you could walk on

Started the whole hedge shaping thing which you saw in the other...

Interesting very tall - like 20 feet partition with vines growing on...


Just to give you an idea of the size

Underneath which is really the roof is flat

an entry into the one in museum covered with dirt to give...

History lesson #1

History lesson #2

History Lesson #3

what they would look like they think in real life

The inside of what they think one would be like

A set of Hundebedden by my hotel just 1/4 mile down the...



Hunebedden dessert! - it was really named Hunebedden - I just laughed...

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On the search for Hunebedden Episode 1

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On the search for hunebedden episode 2

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The search for Hunebedden episode # 3

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The search for Hunebedden Episode #4

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On the way to dinner episode #1

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on the way to dinner episode #3

I think I have found the most idyllic spot here in Raalte. Last night after traveling I went for a Turkish steam and swim in the pool in the basement. Talked to a local Raalte man whom I barely understood - he just kept smiling and talking, once in a while I followed along. All are surprised to see American here. He told city is size of 25,000 - that explains the oodles of clothing stores I see in ped malls. Also the locals can use the pool and steam for E75,00 annually - good deal for them and hotel. The little city is beautiful. Right beside the hotel is a beautiful large church with illuminated clock on top at night, beautiful bells and songs, and the pedistrian streets fan out in front of hotel. There is a very nice open terraced restaurant right out front so you can sit there in the evening and watch the city go by. Last night at about 10 - the clock said so and the bells chimed about 20 elderly - by their white crowns went whizzing by on their bikes with their lights on, doing hand signals for the cars. It was fantastic to see these ladies out pumping their legs, signaling, scurrying home from wherever they had been. The bikes here are a bit different than ours, very large wheels and probably only one speed. But they all had front and back lights like I've read they are supposed to have. Well time to get on the road. It is 10:30. Getting Western Union at post and finishing up this journal. Today I see another garden by designer and the Hunebedden. Tune in later

So first was Mien Ruys garden. He started in early 20th C and was very innovative in what we consider common place now, but things like using railroad ties for creating beds and elevations, using shaped hedges from different types of plants to create garden rooms, experimenting with different surfaces like for rooftop plantings, water gardens, different color gardens, different shapes in the garden, etc. I've studied his pictures in my garden books. Fantastic designer. It was a pleasure for me to see his garden where he experiemented.

Next I went in search for Hunebedden. What is that? Well approximately 5000 years BC it has been established that the people of this area made these burial areas out of rocks. They moved thousands of pounds of rocks by rolling on logs and pulling to desired location is the best scientists can figure out. Then they covered the structure with peat and soil creating an interior chamber. Archeological digs have found shards of pots from 3000 BC and earlier coming from the Schleswig Holstein area - a group called the Beakers for name of pot they made. My ancestors are from Schleswig Holstein and that is why I am going to Rendsburg Germany to stay in a day - it is located close to Schleswig which you will hear more about in a few days. Anyway the Drenthe province of netherlands - east and north has the most of these Beaker ceremonial areas. They were called Hunebedden by early Dutch because they thought they were graves of giants which was later dispelled. So you can rent a bike or drive in about a 75 Km path - that would be circumference which is about 45 miles and see approx 30 hunebeddens. I stopped at the Hunebedden Museum in Borger which is right in the center and has the largest Hunebedden. People have been visiting this since who knows when - as long as people started visiting places because of their fascination in them. Over the years some have been dismantled for the rocks such as to build dikes until the arch dig I think in the 1800's gave evidence as to what they are. They really are fascinating when you think of the work to build them, the fact that it is a burial ground for a long ago culture, and just to think of how old they are. Before Christ by 5000 years! Amazing. Do you think someday they will dig up our landfills to find out about us? It really makes you realize how transient populations and civilizations are. I enjoyed the Hunebedden. it is a great museum and would be a good week long bike tour thrown into being in an outstanding rural area.

I am staying in Drouwen, a small family hotel. The 'Dad' or manager/owner actually built the hotel in the 90's on the family farm. His whole family stays there. He liked to tease me about not speaking Dutch, and he said I could ride my bike to dinner. He rented bikes for about E2,50. Enjoy the pictures and check out the Hunebedden dessert I had!

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