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The Hoge Veluwe National Park

The Hoge Veluwe National Park

A famous outdoor sculpture at Kroller-Muller Museum - see the ducks!






There was an accident on this sculpture and people can no longer...




Piet Uodolf garden - known for his interesting use of shrubs for...

The hedges you could walk between

a great little handicap truck - almost like what the pope rides...

I thought this was interesting - this was the pic of Koln...

the countryside around Raalte - lots of dairy farms with fat, happy...

More bike paths, allees, and countryside

I am staying in Raalte a small town in the Overjissel area on the east side of Netherlands. It is a wonderful little hotel that seems brand new called the Hotel de Zwann. I have a single room for E75,00 which includes taxes and breakfast. Also it has a sauna and pool. And this is a quiet town surrounded by woods and farms. Wednesday was very warm and humid. As much as 30 deg C which is hot - like 85deg. A little too much really. But I was very happy to drive away from Western Netherlands and all the tourists. The library is within 1/4 mile of the hotel and the hotel also has a computer with Internet for free - it was busy though.

It was another hot day! almost 30deg C again. I went to the Kroller-Muller museum - lots of Van Gogh work, some Picasso, Seraut, etc - really excellent art museum; and a huge garden- miles of paths full of outdoor sculpture - a lot modern art type. The museum is in what is now a national park for Netherlands the de Hoge Veluwe. Surprisingly this area is very dry with sand dunes and pines like you'd see on the dry side of a mountain range or at the ocean. I have expected to drive over a rise and see the Pacific. Reminded me of the Oregon area. I wandered around outside and in until I was tired of the school students - I think their teachers had them doing assignments - they were all scurrying around, checking things off.

Then I drove further south and east to a Netherland garden designers garden that I've seen in the horticulte magazines. The structure or architecture of the garden is great. It would be fantastic to see it in late summer/early autumn - not a spring garden really. But it really made me miss my Bellingham garden and seeing everything come up.

Then I tried to go to another garden near by in a very rural area. It was not open for viewing. That was OK - it was hot and I was ready to drive back north to Raalte before work traffic got to heavy.

This area of Netherlands A are not quite so busy, but can be heavy at rush hour times. The B roads are very good, some more heavily traveled with bigger trucks needing to get to their destinations. Lots more farms, smell of manure, allees of trees - everywhere - | think it is a national pasttime to go out and plant rows of trees.

Once again I see many bike paths even in this rural areas, bike paths around the roundabouts, bike paths to the bus stops in the country, bikes in bike racks at a bus stop in the middle of the farm area. In small cities, towns the roads are as wide as our 2 lane roads, but there is usually brick and a white stripe on each side. This is the bike lane and you wait for the bikes. They peddle down the road in these strips and the cars stop and go to be able to pass by them safely. So two oncoming cars can not pass together if there is a cyclist and if there is 2 one on each side, well you might as well stop and wait.

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