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...especially Siem Reap, except for the heat. 40 degrees is so hot that the heat from the street radiates up you legs and they actually feel like they're burning. (they said last week was hot, this week we're lucky.) Went to the huge, interesting outdoor market in search of "First They Killed My Father" book which I have heard reference to - AND I found it. Bad knockoff, not all of the words photocopied, and some of the words are cut off the page - just makes the treasure more precious I guess. Found our anniversary gifts here, lots of silver - how approprate eh? Too hot to walk, rented a covered wagon for two pulled by a motorcycle, toured the countryside - WOW!

Had to fly back to HCMC for a night before going on to Phu Quoc, smoze at the airport and we had to purchase another flight ticket to the island.

We arrived at a beautiful, rustic island poking out of the turquoise waters of Siam Gulf in the Gulf of Thailand. Drove down a red shake, narrow, bumpy goat trail to our "hut" on the beach. Yup, wanted to experience everything on this trip and SWEET JESUS! Everyone should experience this once and only once. Just over $400 for 8 nights gets a rustic hut with a palm leaf roof, situated on the beach, breakfast daily included. (we paid extra for air cond. but the power is off everyday from 9:00 - 17:00.) There's a covered deck off the front to watch the gorgeous sunset, and a mosquito net over the bed that is not for looks, so nothing fancy. Magnificient empty white sand beach, the kind of sand that squeaks when you walk on it. Food is delectable, beer is $1.10 CAD, and the awesome tasting fruit is picked off the tree right outside the restaurant when you order it. Explains why all the mangoes are wrapped with blue plastic, trying to ripen them faster, man are they good! No televisions, no phones, gives me a lot of free time to study my new Canaon digital camera, read my new book, even Shel got one on Hanoi in the wartime.

Everything I can "suck up princess" except for the slithering, scaley, buggy eyed 14 or 15 inch lizard that keeps coming in thru our roof and pooping on the floor. Those geckos don't even make me flinch now!

Had to walk downtown to find the internet, at our accom. they have computers and said "We get 'em connect sometime." Only can describe this laid back, forgotten island as a hilarious cross between "Deliverance" and "Gilligan's Island."

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