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Look at the size of that revolver!

From Foz de IguaÇu (the town on the Brazilian side of the falls) I crossed the border into Paraguay and thought I'd transported back to asia. Paraguay has only recently had proper elections and is supposed to be one of the most corrupt countries on the planet and the border into Brazil is one of the main smuggling routes, ot that anyone hides anything, the bridge crossing is an endless chain of people cars trucks and busses carrying boxes and boxes of electronic goods and contraband. The paraguayan side of the bridge is a huge outdoor market where all the goods are bought and sold.

I didn't hang about there, I jumped (or more correctly was shepherded onto) the first bus to Asuncion. This would have been a pleasant trip except that the bus was air-conditioned and therefore had sealed windows, the AC was broken and it was 39°C outside. I think I lost a few pounds that day. Asuncion was great, how a real 3rd world dictatorship should be. All of the police and army (of which there are lots on every street corner) wear the old foreign legion style round caps and carry an amazing assortment of fire-arms, mainly pump action shot-guns and huge rifles. The local gunshop had revolvers in the window that would have had Clint Eatwood drooling.

I managed my first completely spanish transaction booking the bus back to Buenos Aires, I was very proud of myself, I even chose which seat I wanted, unfortunatley I didn't realise that I'd booked the ordinary bus instead of the sleeper (18 hour trip). It turned out to be a fun journey sat next to a 3 year old Indian girl who was incredibly well behaved and very funny.

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