20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Looking along the falls from the Argentine side.

Another Argentinian Panarama

The Devil's Throat - unbelievably loud.

The Devil's Throat again.

I think this one was called Salto (falls) San Martin.

Looking up the Devil's Throat from Brazil.

Looking across from Brazil.

Itaipu spillway.

The first must see place on my list for South America was Iguazu falls www.iguazuargentina.com on the Argentina/brazil border. I'd seen photos but the reallity is just breathtaking. Over 2 days on the Argentina side and one on the Brazillian I think I took over 200 photographs, movie clips and sound recordings (thanks for the spare battery tip Roy!). Afer that I ventured up to the Itaipu Dam on the Brazil/Paraguay border. It's the worlds biggest Hydroelectric Dam was almost as impressive as the falls, the spillway can handle 40 times the flow of the Iguazu falls (it's on a bigger river) and as it had been raining heavily recently was on about half flow.

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