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A quick night stop over in Kota Baharu after another lonnnnng day crossing borders from Thailand...after 10 hours of driving, and lugging our packs through the border from southern Thailand, we arrived in Malaysia. We could immediately see that Malaysia is a lot more developed than Thailand...the quantity of western fast food chains was shocking - within one block was McDonalds, KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut, and Seven Eleven...however, prices are about 1/3rd of that back home, so we knew we were still in Asia!

Arriving into Kota Baharu, we were so tired that all we wanted to do was find a clean place to stay for the night...well, we found a place, but that definitely doesn't mean it was clean...we were lured into it by the owner leaning almost all the way out of the fourth storey window yelling "cheap cheap" - we should have known after walking up the stairs to the place and noticing an extremeley freaky mural painted on the was a mish mash of abstract art and words such as "killer", "the executioner", "burning alive", etc. But at that point, and after lugging our bags up four flights of stairs, we decided to risk it.

Well, it turned out to be a dirty hell hole of a place, run by a slightly eccentric, super friendly Malaysian man, who was obsessed with the King - nope, not Malaysian royalty, but none other than America's own Elvis Prestley. SO funny, he was watching Elvis concert DVDs all night, and mumbling about the King's amazing talents...we decided to stay, since it only cost 7$ and it was just for one night...

Next morning, after a sleepless night in a bug infested, 40 degree room that had bats flying right outside it, we once again packed up and made our way via the local bus to Kuala Besut to head to the Perenthian islands...good riddance to KB backpackers!!!

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