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Having an eis at the garden

These trees are over 100 years old

This tree is over 230 years old

Wonders of the garden

Every garten needs a katze

This myrtle under its own protective shelter is over 80 years old

The wisteria is 80 years old

Old and new construction in Weinheim

The marktplatz below my hotel

Hotel Goldener Pflug

The ruins of castle at night from my balcony

Ah! a chance to relax and plan tomorrow

Trier pedestrian mall with Porta Nigra in background

The Kaisertherm created by Constantine, only a small portion you see

The remaining front wall

The underground passages - very cool under here - can you imagine...

Amphitheater - you could go under here as well - seats 20,000;...

Porta Nigra - black gate; you could go inside here

Saturday I drove west to Trier. The terrain was mostly heavily wooded rolling hills with very little traffic. Also the A not as good in spots. But it was much better than a couple days ago when I drove from Ulm to Weinheim. There was miles of road construction on that. Trier is a very old city started before Christ by the Romans. Its name was Augustus Treverorum in 15BC. It was the capital of the Roman Empire by 3rd C AD. That was primarily why I went - to see the Roman ruins. And I wouldn't go back. They were somewhat interesting but Trier was a dirty, noisy city. Didn't really like it and couldn't wait to get out. And there is some 100 Jahre celebration going on in Germany, I've encountered it more than once and will one more time tonight as you read on.

But I'm getting much better in traffic. Saw the city Zentrum signs and just followed them. Then when I saw a big blue P for a parkplatz with the name of one of the sites I went for it. Fortunately well parked because you go like 4 blocks just to get to the entrance of the parking garage which is in the alley. And when you get there everything is in German so you are wondering where can I park. Have discovered that the English words 'reserved'and 'private' are pretty recognizable in other languages. It is a little deceiving sometimes because this Parkplatz was almost empty. I am learning to park near the kassonmaton (not sure if that is the right word - close) which is where you pay for the parking before you leave. Also try to make sure it is in visible line with the exit door which is usually up steps because most are underground. Germany has an extensive underground of things! So as I am traveling I am building my strategy.

I saw 4 Roman ruins, a large gate called Porta Nigra you could walk around in; a Roman bath (Viehmarkthermen) uncovered during building a parking garage so they put a glass dome over it (building in cities like this must be a nightmare!); an enormous Roman bath (the Kaisertherm created by Constantine) in ruins with some facade left and underground tunnels; and an amphitheater that sat 20,000 for the Saturday afternoon lion maulings. You could go underground here as well but not as exciting. I liked the Kaisertherm best. Then I walked directly back to my car through a very crowded pedistrian mall and LEFT!!

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