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the coast

pancake rocks

thats creative photography

franz josef glacier

view of the valley from on the glacier

the expedition

me with an axe

start of the copland track

hot pools at welcome flat hut

being as me mate bhav was on the kiwi experience bus i thought i'd shell out a whoppin 300 quid and join him for the ride. basically, you choose a route and buses run it each day so u can get on and off when you want and they'll also book you a hostel and discounted activities if you want them too.

day one we were of to westport and i decided to undertake a spot of quad biking en route. i then had to fill out a disclaimer saying that i was liable to pay for any damage to the bikes and all of a sudden i wasn't so cheery. but, suited and booted having had a quick instruction as to the driving and we were off. we'd been going about 30 seconds before bhav drove into a bush. this was going to be a theme for the next hour and a half during which the other lad mark would get stuck at every hill and bhav would manage to flip his quad bike upside down leavin him on the floor with petrol escaping the tank. sounds dangerous? it was, although the whole bike flipping incident was a lot less exciting than it sounds. it took the bike about 10 minutes to fall over as bhav tried in vain to hold it up before plopping down on the ground. luckily no damage, cus i was sittin there thinkin it'd be a bit ironic that today was the first day of the kiwi experience for the lad, and tomorrow he'd have to fly home cus he'd spent his money on a new quad bike. but it was great fun and the scenery was amazing - also i didn't crash so i was quite smug - not surprising since, after all, i am a PROFESSIONAL driver!?

next day of to les's. basically an old guy who looks like santa claus who allows busloads of us to stay at is hostel, dress up as women and get drunk. pimps and prostitutes was the theme and its remarkable how many men want to be women. i on the otherhand opted for birmingham pimp which required no planning since basically all i did was put on an anorak and stick a cigarette behind my ear. but then someone smoked the cigarette and i ended up looking rather more like a train spotter.

as the photos show we went to a place called franz josef where i did a glacier hike which was pretty incredible - one of the best things ive done so far. its great how in new zealand they utilise the environment fully, compared to when ive been on glaciers in canada and alaska and you basically have to stay in a marked circle.

everyone else headed of to queenstown the next day but i stayed to do a two day hike on part of the copland track. a decision which i felt was vindicated the night before as i awoke to the sound of an irish girl splattering sick into a bin. in the mornin i noted that very little had actually made the bin but, instead had now dried into the floor. luvly. the kiwi bus is good and theres some good people on it, but theres also a lot of idiots who have travelled half way round the world to get wasted on box wine. guess the hotels in mallorca must have been booked. anyway, the trek was great and had natural hot pools at the end which was nice after a long walk.

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