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Well I made it to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, after a long, emotional day. What can I say? I just don't like flying and the turbulence was horrible. Just spent the whole day close to tears, especially when I realised that I've still got 11 flights to go! Also think that I saw one of the turbopropellor planes that I have to go on next week - oh my gog, its tres small!!

Cheered myself up in the afternoon by checking out the local mall - they even have special McFlurrie booths dotted aroun, mmnnn..... Spent a quiet night with a bar of chocolate, doing a manicure/pedicure in front of the T.V. Well, its just a novelty to have a decent hotel room that I don't mind spending time in! Oh, and I needed time to prepare myself for the challenges of the next couple of weeks.

Visited the Sabah museum on Saturday morning and then abused the hotel facilities again until it was time to meet up with my group of fellow travellers. We all headed out for some local cuisine, which is served on banana leaves and you have to eat it with your fingers - that was an interesting one. Going against everything your mother ever taught you , and in my case making quite a bit of a mess in the process. Still, after seeing so many locals eat like that it was good fun to actually have a go.

Dinner was followed by a couple of 'getting to know you' beers and so far everyone seems really nice. I'm the second youngest in the group but thats cool. We'll just have to wait and see how things go as we carry on living in eachothers' pockets.

Sunday morning was spent browsing the local Sunday market - they seem to sell the same things internationally. At lunch time we were picked up and after a two hour drive we were transferred into 4x4s for the rest of the drive into the village that would be our home for the night.

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