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whoever watches over all these truckers, show a little mercy for a weary sinner, and deliver me to the next "best western". and that's where i am as we speak...a "best western" motel room in cambridge, ohio. about to pass through wheeling, w.va., and into pennsylvania. back in the eastern time zone. it already seems like a dream. i passed through a very large farmbelt to get here. i saw acres and acres of farmland, stretching from horizon to horizon, and probably saw about one percent of all there is, if that. imagine how many mouths all those acres have to feed. also passed by lots of birthplaces. bob feller, johnny carson, ronald reagan, carl sandburg, and, yes, even kool-aid. i drove through indiana down rte.40, a beautiful highway through small-town america, right through indianapolis and into the heartland. came very close to finding willoughby. the farmbelt began to thin out towards mid-ohio. i was surprised at what a big, eastern-like city columbus is. continuing on through ohio towards west virginia and western pennsylvania, i became aware that i was entering mining country. coal country. right out of "deer hunter". back to appalachia, but not the hillbilly appalachia of the south. harder living. good people working hard to survive. we're very lucky. i think i'll drive up through western pa. to erie, and into upstate new york. hopefully through the adirondacks, maybe even into vermont. i'll have to cast my lot with the weather gods. they've been smiling on me so far. i hope you all are finally getting better weather. i understand classic spring days are just around the corner. and who deserves it more! i'll miss you all this weekend...hope it's a nice day for the party! save me a piece of cake! i'll be there soon...for now, it's all good!

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