20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

At the moment I'm sat in an internet cafe at the end of the world (their claim not mine). I've been in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego for a few days now, waiting for a short boat trip that I've booked for Christmas. The town is on almost the opposite latitude to Newcastle, 55°S, so it's typical North East summer weather, a mixture of sun and rain. However, being summer here it is light until nearly midnight now.

I've been in Argentina for a month now and will probably spend at least another month here before heading into more tropical South America. I'm still enjoying the food but I've moved on from half a cow for every meal, mixing it with half a sheep now and the occasional salad instead of chips.

Since my first update, I went to a peninsular (Valdez) at the top of Patagonia for some wildlife spotting, whales, sealions, seals and their pups (I resisted clubbing any) in the sea, lama, armadillo and rhea on land. After that I finally got into the Andes to the National Park of Glaciers, very impressive, I´ll put some photos on here when I can.

I´ve finally found something that I don´t like about Argentina - Tango music! It's terrible, like a bad French cafe band and they think it´s good. The reason it´s specific to Argentina must be because no-one else like´s it.

Well, it's getting dark outside so it must be time to go to the pub...

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