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Can't believe it but this is our fourth visit to Delhi since we arrived on November 13th. Neeta and Ajay are such welcoming hosts - they always make us feel like it's out first time in years.

We arrived on a Tuesday evening aboard an Air Deccan flight. It's a discount airline with a relatively poor reputation but we departed and arrived on time. The strangest thing about the flight was that they don't assign seats on check-in. You just board the plane and sit where ever you please. If you are late boarding, you may not be able to sit with your travelling partner, the planes are usually full because the fares are so low. Sometimes, Air Deccan let's passengers fly for free, they just pay the taxes.

We read on the front page of the newspaper on May 1st that the aviation authority is going to insist that all airlines assign seating on all flights. We noticed that Air Deccan did all their check-in manually. This will probably force them to computerize and the fares will rise accordingly. In this day and age, it's probably best that a computerized record of all passengers boarding a plane and which seat they are sitting in, is maintained. Can't believe they've gotten away with it this far.

The following day we made plans for a four-day weekend with Ajay and Neeta. Neeta was able to take a day off from her teaching position at the Tagore International School. We headed out to the Punjab as soon as she was done teaching on Thursday afternoon. There's no moss growing on these rolling stones!


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