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Sydney Opera House at Midnight

A peek into hostel life... notice Matt's unkept bottom bunk

Darling Harbor Fountain

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Gettin' jiggy in Sydney

Today we went to the Thailand Grand Festival 2007 in Darling Harbor Park and it was very nice, not quite as grand as we expected. We thought it might be on the same scale as the Chinese Lantern Festival we had seen in Auckland but it was much smaller with minimal authentic food vendors. Still, it was a good time; the best performers being not on-stage but instead seated right next to us. There was a very old, very tipsy asian couple that kept getting up and dancing a jig throughout the various musical acts- they were an absolute hoot. Just as things were wrapping up the festival got rained out so Matt and I headed for Harbor Bridge and sat underneath a while until the rain subsided. When the rain eased we headed to The Rocks District, the oldest district in Sydney, and eventually made our way into a pub called the Observer Hotel (fondly known as "The Obby") to listen to some live music. It turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, live acoustic performances I have ever heard. The band was Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel and they were truly awesome. Matt and I ended up staying for the entire four hour set and this time we actually did close the bar down (as it was Sunday night). It was around midnight but the wharf was on our way home so we walked over and spent about 20 minutes photographing the Sydney Opera House at night until the guard threw us out. We ended up back at Footprints around 1am, exhausted but happy with the day's events.

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