Mandy and Jon's Journey 2005 travel blog

It has been a journey in and of itself preparing ourselves for this adventure, and perhaps nothing could have prepared us for how difficult it was to say good-bye to our families. That mixture of sadness, coupled with great anxiety and excitement is difficult to explain.

But we are ready, and the goodbyes we prefer to be ´see-you-laters´. We are spared the forecast of inclement weather for our departure date and only a little bit of cold rain prevails to usher our drive to Boston. Logan Airport is quiet it seems for a Saturday, but we are glad for it. Our check-in goes smoothly accept for the delay of our flight. It is not very late but the ticket agent decides to place us on another plane so to amke our Washington connection. We have plenty of time to kill once we get through security and we use the time to get a bite to eat and breath deeply.

We leave Logan and finally get to look eachother in the eye with the realization that our trip has begun. Having not slept most of the previous night we quickly fall asleep.

The interior of Dulles International is charming, you should know, but hard to take in when running at full speed from gate C17 to gate D6. We have 12 minutes to catch our connection and the only thing moving faster than our feet is the thoughts racing through our minds about the pace of the luggage carts outside.

We make our flight, even though our bags may not have, but we are happy, meet a nice guy on the plane who is on the way to visit his brother. We eat and sleep and watch, intermitently, the film spectacular ´The First Daughter´ starring Katie Holmes and Michael Keaton.

We arrive safely in San Jose at about 9pm. Next stop... baggage claim.

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