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Preparing for Songkran...

Happy Songkran!

Jodie & Rosie arming themselves

Jodie gets into the spirit of things

Jamie gets a soaking


Flour and water - nice!

With Songkran comes beer for breakfast!

No-where is safe!

Jodie gets a soaking

Hello All,


Songkran is the festival of water and basically involves getting people as wet as possible using any tool available - buckets, pistols, water bottles, cups, balloons, etc.

The water signifies washing away of sin and the beginning of the rainy season so although it did get a little messy (for some reason they also cover people in flour and water) it was great fun and all done in good spirit!

In addition to the water pistols our friend Mother Nature has helped out with a healthy dose of rain (luckily only at night) so all in all it's been a rather damp couple of days!

Jodie and I (and the UV crew)went out on a boat trip this afternoon and visited some of the local islands... pretty beaches, lots of fish and coral (same, same but different). There was an opportunity to go cliff jumping but having seen the climb I decided to stick with snorkeling - Jodie was delighted (as no doubt Mum will be) but the boys gave me a bit of a hard time!

Since Aaron's arrival our quality of accommodation has gone up significantly. We are currently staying in a brick (yes brick) bungalow with air-conditioning, fridge, big soft bed, TV and hot water (HOT WATER)! Its absolute luxury but we can't help feeling guilty every time we go back - We've got so used to beaten up shacks with crappy fans and hard beds that it's hard to get your head round a normal room!!

Last night was a blast, we started off at an all you can eat barbeque (yum) and then went to a local bar to watch amateur boxing... When I say amateur I mean AMATEUR, most of the contenders (who were fighting for a free bucket of whisky cocktail) were so drunk they could hardly stand and after four messy rounds were absolutely destroyed - I'm sure there were some sore heads (and noses) this morning!

After the boxing we went on to a local club and hooked up with some Thai guys who run a beach bar we've been hanging out at. Aaron was on top form dancing around with the Manager's wife as we drank cocktails like they were going out of fashion (if they haven't already)... Great night but we felt a little jaded this morning!

Not sure what we're up to tonight but I guess more of the same? Hope everyone's well and look forward to your messages. Love J & J xx

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