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me at surfers paradise

gold coast skyline

gold coast

brisbane city beach

city library and some metal balls

the ULTIMATE book of historic barns!


caught a plane to brisbane to meet courtney, another person i met at camp, who i stayed with for 4 days. again, it was real nice to see someone who i thought i probably never would. she'd been travelling for 18 months including camp so it was pretty interesting catching up on what she'd been upto.

went brisbane which was a lot better than i had expected, particularly south bank where there was a beach in the middle of the city! amazing eh? next day she drove me all the way to gold coast which was nice of her. its pretty mad up there - just beaches for miles and miles. we drove to a beach further south and we were the only ones on it, partly cus it was so windy and i guess nowone fancied a severe sandfacing.

went to another art museum - gallery of modern art, which was showing a jackie chan exhibit which had loads of tv screens with various action scenes from his movies on loop which was pretty amazing. also, met up with juthika and hanna from sydney - turns out hanna got chicken pox - she'd already had it but i guess some people are just unlucky.

since ive been away ive ate loads of foods i wouldn't normally eat and found myself quite liking them. so when the girls wanted to go for sushi i thought why not? the reason to not is that it tastes disgustin. absolutley disgustin. and that wasabi stuff, bloody hell. anyway, had a real nice time, flew back to sydney and spent one more night at asylum where we went and played football in the park. i also conveniently met bhavesh, a lad from wembley (his mom works at the new stadium) who flew to new zealand the day after i did. i'll let u know what ive been upto there soon. hope everyones well and as am iam nearin the half way pointof my trip, home'll soon be comin up. not to soon though i hope.

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