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So, arrived in sydney and had a coule of days before goin to meet up with me mate jarrad in mona vale on north sydney beaches and decided to get a bit of culture. went to 2 art museums, in part cus they were free, and then went and saw macbeth at sydney opera house which was real good. the art museums was decent with some real good stuff - there were also loads of schools trips at both of them which surprised me since the only place i remember goin with school was the gurdwara where i drank some weird tropical squash drink.

In general sydney is like any other big city with block on block of offices and shops, but the harbourfront is real impressive as were the botanical gardens which had a load of bats hangin from most the trees.

after a couple of days i caught the bus to mona vale where i stayed with jarrad, a mate i met at camp a couple of years ago. we basically just hung around and had a couple of nights out, but it was real nice to be in a house with settees and a t.v. and to have his mom cook me some dinner. we did make it up to palm beach which is where home and away is filmed. i think home and away is a pile of crap, yet found myself gettin all excited at being there for some reason.

after 4 days i was back in sydney and in a new hostel. i had previously been in a place called wake up which was nice but like a hotel and everyone seemed to already be in group so it was hard to meet people. so, this time i checked into the asylum (something many will have been expecting) which was absolutley amazing. free breakfast, free dinner, free internet and bar tab on nights out and all for 10 quid. plus everyone there was well sound. durin those days just hung out really which was great cus i'd seen enough sights in the past 2 months and needed a break.

one day i was sittin down at the harbour with these swedish girls i met (juthika and hanna) and this guy comes over and asks our names. he then starts askin me what the purpose of my life is, callin me jonny each time he talks to me. i thought for about a second and decided i didn't know. he then concluded for me that my life was pointless. i asked if i should kill myself and he said yes cus basically thats all i was doin anyway but slowly - obviously speed is important. i don't know what it is with me and attractin loonies. anyway, i bought a book of him so perhaps i'll have found spiritual enlightenment by the time i get home, and the next time u see me i'll be sittin at the bus stop playin a tambourine.

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