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My first view of New Zealand - from the aeroplane!

Camakau, a traditional boat (in museum)

Maori performance



The Haka

View from Museum across Auckland Domain

Stingray at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World

Penguin Chick


Mt.Rangitoto (Fire in the Sky)

It's weird, in 3 days I've been in 3 different countries! I arrived back in Sydney from KL on the morning of the 5th April, spent the day in Sydney walking around Darling Harbour and sorting some things out and buying some small souvenirs. Then this morning I was back at the airport to board my flight to New Zealand. Everything went smoothly except stupidly I'd forgotten about my nail clippers and they were in my hand luggage so they took them away from me, ironically my nail broke on the plane later...

Anyway, I arrived in New Zealand at 4.35pm local time, meaning I am now 12 hours ahead of the UK!! It is colder here than anywhere else as it's now the start of Autumn. But the weather is still generally good apparently, so hopefully I'll still be having a great time although probably not going brown! I had to wait awhile to check in at the hostel as the manager was out but it is in a nice quiet location, a short walk from the marina and the city which I will explore tomorrow.

So here's to a new country and lots more exciting adventures!

Over the Easter weekend I visited Auckland Museum in the Domain, it was really interesting to read all about Maori Culture, and there was even a Maori cultural performance on where we got to watch the Haka as well as see the weapons etc. that the Maori's traditionally use.

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