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Just a quick one to say that I went back for 2 weeks to Malaysia, whilst there I visited Asri's Kampung (village) which is another 3 hours upriver from Kuala Tahan in Taman Negara. It was really nice, there's even a palace there where the Sultan of Pahang used to stay. I got to watch a game of Sipat Takraw which is kind of like volleyball, but using heads and feet not hands and the balls are made of rattan, it looked like fun but I didn't try it! We went to a small waterfall nearby and also went fishing, it was good to see what life is like in a small Malay village. Everyone knows everyone and life is so relaxed there!

I also visited Asri's sisters again in Jerantut, and went on another trek up Bukit Teserik, and saw a gibbon swinging in the trees, but too quick for me to photograph. Also went to the cave and abai waterfall again, on the way to the waterfall, we saw 2 rhinocerous hornbills, but too far away to get a decent photo unfortunately. My Malay was a lot better, but sometimes I would be too shy to speak it! The last weekend I went to the house of one of Asri's cousins who was getting married(in a village near Jerantut), I helped to prepare the gifts for the guests and prepare the house. In the evening of the Saturday the bride and groom went to the mosque to become married and then returned to the house. The next day would be the main celebrations, but unfortunately Asri and I could not attend and returned to the jungle.

The 2 weeks went really quickly, we spent a last day in KL where I bought a digital camera, so hopefully there will be a lot more photos in the future! Isn't everyone glad I finally joined the 21st century?! hehe.

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