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Ramu With Dhriti, Tanuj And Neeta Kapoor

Anil With Dhriti, Tanju And Neeta - His Shirt Matches The Trim...



There are no direct flights from Nagpur to Patna. We would have to change planes in Delhi so we decided to take a couple of days in Delhi and visit with our sister-in-law, Neeta and niece Dhriti and nephew Tanuj. Dhriti is just finishing her MBA and has already started her first job, Tanuj works for the telecom Airtel, and has just been transferred back to Delhi from Kolkata. Anil's brother, Ajay is still posted in Srinagar, Kashmir and we missed seeing him this trip. We will be back in Delhi after visiting Sikkim, and he will be on holiday so we can spend more time with him then.

It was a very relaxing two days this time in Delhi, the city is much greener now than when we here in December and the flowers are blooming everywhere. The temperatures have suddenly increased into the high 30's, but the houses are designed to keep out the heat and we were very comfortable inside, especially during the nights.

I have included a couple of photographs I took as we were leaving for the airport. The servant, Ramu, who has been with the Kapoors for over twenty years is also in the photograph. He's a good cook and loves to talk Anil's ear off whenever he gets the chance.


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