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Being as i am cheap i didn't fly direct into singapore, but instead to johor bahru in malaysia and thus a 2 hour journey turned into a six hour one and involved me been on a lot of buses with a lot of asians. when i first arrived i didn't really want to be there and was also a little fed up at being on my own again. luckily, this feeling subsided and i really enjoyed my week in singapore which has to be the cleanest and safest city i've ever visited.

I saw a few of the sights like sentosa island, raffles hotel and the zoo and night safari, but after that there wasn't all too much left to do. i looked at my map and noticed there was twice as many shopping malls than there were sights and attractions so i went and bought myself some trainers. three things of note did happen though.

1) when watching chelsea v tottenham in the F.A. Cup at an empty pub i paid just shy of 5 british pound for a beer! even in happy hour a beer was about 3.50. one day i went to hooters, purely because they had a meal deal, whereby i got soup, grilled cheese and chips, ice-cream, a glass of 7-up and a cup of tea for 10 singapore dollars or 3 pound fifty. great value i think you'll agree. but then i stayed to watch liverpool v barcelona and bought a pint which cost 10.50 - more than my entire meal. i wasn't happy.

2) i went down to this charity football event just to pass a bit of time on the saturday at about 10 o'clock. i'd been watching for a bit when a U.S. marine guard came over and asked me if i'd play for their team. i was delighted and ended up leaving at 4.30 after hours of football as we were knocked out the competition by angola. yes, angola. i didn't care all too much though cus after all that time runnin round in 35 degree heat and 90% humidity i could feel the life draining from me - a phenomenon visbly evident if you look at the team photo. all in all it was a great day with an amazing backdrop of the city. however, i did find all the hoo-ha ing and the 1-2-3 U.S.A! hands in thingy all a little ridiculous and didn't enjoy the customary bone crushing handshake as reward for scoring a goal.

3) finally, i stayed at the ymca where i encountered a 78 year old fruit loop. lights on at 3 a.m. pacing up and down, radio on at 6 because he's 'a morning person' and the customary mid-afternoon story of 37 days in hopspital following a heart bypass, proceeded by the parading of the decaying leg from whence they had taken tissue. I stayed in the room 3 nights but the final straw came on the 3rd. i got back from a beer at 11.30 p.m. with another lad staying there to find the old guy still awake. turns out a new bloke had moved in and spent 2 hours in the bathroom whilst the old guy had needed a wee. not knowing there was a lower floor bathroom he had got very irate and proceeded to punch the bloke in the face when he exited the bathroom. we didn't know whether to believe him but confirmation came at 1' o'clock in the morning with a singaporean policeman standing in the doorway of our room, with the old guy shouting for his lawyer!

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