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Town Square


Portugese fortress

Chinese shop front

We took a day trip down to Melaka, which used to be the rich bustling port for Merchants from all over Asia and Europe. The City is picturesque and seeping in history with a blend of Asian and European architecture. Melaka was an important port for the spice trade and attracted the attention of Portuguese and, later, Dutch and English. As far back as 15th Century there was a multi racial society here and an amazing 84 languages were spoken in the City.

Hungry to find out more of this intriguing history we went to the Maritime Museum, which is housed inside a recreated Portuguese trade ship, which sank there hundreds of years ago. It was amazing to see how so many different cultures were able to live side by side for hundreds of years - that is until us Europeans came along with our potatoes to swap for spices and buggered the whole thing up by creating a caste system! We visited the Catholic church alongside Chinese temples and Mosques and took a tricycle around the City centre, as that's 'the thing to do' here apparently. A Malay guy cycled us around the place for an hour, pointing out buildings and areas of interest while blasting out Belinda Carlisle from his tape machine, which he was very proud of!

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