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Macaques at the beach in Bako National Park

View from a cliff above a secluded beach


Arrived in Kuching, the main city in the Sarawak province of Borneo to be greeted by tour guide Robert who'd be lookin after me for a couple of weeks. Met everyone on the tour all of whom turned out to be women leavin me as the only bloke, but they was all real nice so it didn't really matter.

Went to Semmengoh wildlife centre where we were hopin to see semi-wild orangutans. this basically means they live free in the jungle but still come back for feeding when theres not much out in the forest. unfortunatley it was fruiting season and none had been seen for two months, but we got real lucky because a mom and a baby turned. So there i was standin in the jungle and about 10 metres away in a tree was the mother orangutan - it was an amazin site as whole trees swayed as it swung from one to another and then just hung there watchin us. by us i mean my tour group and, of course, a busload of koreans, half of whom were wearing high heals for the nature walk, and one woman who had the biggest sun visor ive ever seen. it was like those helmets with the perspex face protector that police riot squads wear.

Next day we went to Bako National Park which was one of the most beautiful places ive ever seen. the scenery was amazing and there was boatloads of animals. macaques, bearded pigs, snakes, lizards and the probiscos monkey which has a big nose and is only found in borneo. we were lucky enough to see about 20 walking and swinging along the mangrove forest which is like a beach with trees growin out, and thousands of crabs everywhere. we did a few treks, and robert warned us about poisonous trees so everyone was tryin to climb up steep hills but was strugglin cus they was petrified of touchin any tree. and then every time someone accidentally touched a tree we'd start freakin out cus we thought we'd got the poison. When we got back i was walkin to my lodge along the wooden platform with no shoes on when all of a sudden a snake slid up from the underside about 2 feet infront of me. made me jump thats for sure. Also went Matang Wildilife centre where they had some orangutans, amongst other things, and we got to make up food parcels for them which was pretty good. That was week one done, and next week we were off to the jungle to spend 5 days with an iban tribe.

Sorry theres not more photos but i got lazy cus all the girls was taken them, so hopefully they'll send me some so i can put more on

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