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Grettings from Puala Pangkor!

After several glorious days in Kuala Lumpur, I boarded a bus for the coastal city of Lumut, the jumping off point for one of Malaysia's pictereque islands: Pangkor.

I was once again amazingly amused by remote sales competition of the Ticketing hallway in KL (aka. the pound), which I have found is not an anomoly as I also encountered it at the ferry jetty to Pangkor.

It seems like this wierd form of competition is the Malaysian form of Capitalism. For instance, there were 4 different ferry companies for this one island, and they all provide the same service at the same price, and are arranged right next to each other. No one company has any advantage over the other and the only form of competition they have with each other is yelling and waving at foriegners, while caged in their booths. Thinking like a good Capitalist I am suprised that no one has gone and bought them all out and formed a single comany and fixed the price of the ferries. Its ao strange to me, but the Malaysians seem content at allowing each other's company's to survive on a meager bit of business. I tell you, if American's were actually interested in visiting this place then give a good business minded American a year and this place would be completely different.


The Island of Pangkor is one of the smaller large islands of Malaysia. Its about 15/20 KM long (10-12 miles) and has severl little areas around it. The Jetty is on the east side facing the mainland and resorts are spread out in various bays on the south and west sides. The main stretch is Pasir Bogak Beach, which is adjacent to the Puala Pangkor Luat (Little Pangkor): a private luxury beach resort (Very sexy).

I am staying on the west side of the island in Teluk Nipah (Nipah Bay). Its the popular backpackers stretch that looks like it could be straight out of mexico. Shanty little restuarnats on the beach, along with little shacks peddling T-shirts, Saraongs, Floaties, and a variety of services including tours to other islands, Banana Boat rides, scuba diving, jet skiing, you name it. I've got a sea view patio and a giant bed for 100 Ringat a night OR $25 dollars. Additionally the bus and ferry from KL only cost 26 Ringat or about $7 dollars! Amazingly cheap. Took a walk along the beach. Rather nice, but a little polluted. Going to venture around the rest of the island and try to find my own personal spot. Water is RIDICULOUSLY warm. Probably 78 degrees of more. like bath water.

Nice to finally be on one of those beaches I dreamed about for months while pouring beers and waiting tables...

Hope all is well. Cheers!

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