Jamie & Jodie's Big Asian Adventure 2006/7 travel blog

Coral Island

A sight for sore eyes :o)

Jamie on Coral Island

Jodie going for a snorkle

Salang beach...Mmmm

Jodie feeding fish at Monkey beach

Crystal clear!

Feeding frenzy

Jay, snorkling.

Alberto and Jay...very romantic?!

Alberto, Lee & Ryan

Hello All,

Jodie and I have just completed a marathon journey from Tioman Island to Taman Negara in the north of Malaysia. The trip involved a 2 hour fast ferry, 5 hour bus journey and 2 hour taxi ride so we are rather pleased to be here now!

On to more relaxed things, yesterday we took a fantastic trip to Coral Island. The trip started with a 45 minute speed boat ride to the island. Once we arrived at our paradise destination (and it was paradise, white sand, crystal clear water, jungle backdrops) we were blown away by the snorkling... The fish literally swarmed round us in their hundreds so were treated to an amazing underwater show of colour. After drying out in the hot sunshine (on sand so soft it felt like flour) we went on to a rock formation out in the sea for a jaw dropping coral swim (all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes).

After all the swimming we went for an excellent Malaysian lunch then chilled out on Salang Beach (very, very nice) before moving on to Monkey Bay for more swimming among coral and fish... again absolutely hundreds of fish turned up and by the end we were wondering who was more interested in who?? One downer was Jodie's continuing bad luck with all things horrid... Over the course of the day she managed to get about 20 midgie bites and quite a painful jelly-fish sting (she does seem to attract these things), luckily she has made a full recovery and will not be requiring any life-saving attention!

After our tough day we relaxed in the local beach bar for a few drinks and a meal with some travelling buddies we made on the island - Between them Lee, Ryan & Alberto had us in stitches every night so a big thank you for making our great experience even better!

After a sad farewell we are now in Taman Negara and once we have booked our jungle hike and canopy walkway (longest canopy bridge in the world) plan to get a very early night with with a nice cup of cocoa!!

Hope everyone's well and look forward to getting lots of photos added soon. Love J & J xx

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