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So today marks the last day of my time in Brisbane, and in Australia (although technically I will be in Sydney for one day before heading to New Zealand). Since my last entry I have met up with Bob and people from Hannah Marketing to take photos and say goodbye, which was good fun, it was sad to realise that I will probably never get to see most of these people again.

Saturday was obviously St. Patrick's Day, although I forgot this fact and headed into the city to do a walk of the historic precinct, only to find that the main roads were lined with people and they were setting up for the parade. If I could have found a decent spot, out of the 30+ degree heat to watch I would have done, but I couldn't so I just had a quick walk around the less busy parts of the city and headed back to the hostel. In the evening I went out with Krystal in the Valley, we started in The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, a British pub with a live band where a very friendly (and very drunk) Irish backpacker talked to us, trying to persuade us to watch some match that was on... needless to say we didn't. Instead, after borrowing some of Krystal's shoes so I could be allowed into the clubs we headed to Empire as Middle Bar, where her flatmate works wasn't open, and from Middle Bar we headed to the Family where more people Krystal knew worked! It was great fun, we ended up in the VIP area, with free drinks! I've spent so much time with Krystal recently that it's strange to think I won't see her again, at least not for a very very long time.

On Sunday, I met up with Ata and his family (Musa's friends) as they had invited me to come to their mosque for a function and lunch. It was really good, and luckily although some of the speeches were spoken in Urdu, they translated them into English. It was very interesting and good to see them again. They even bought me a whole bag of fresh fruits and I only had 2 and a half days to eat it in!

On Monday I changed hostels from Brisbane Homestead back to Moreton Bay Backpackers, which is where I'd stayed in January. It was good to see Carl, Fifi, Amy and Dave again, and they all remembered me which was nice. I went for a drive with Carl to pick up some more backpackers from the airport in the evening before joining him and some others in the High Tide bar. Carl played his digeridoo, whilst another guy had a guitar and someone else a bongo drun! I had another go at the digeridoo, and actually managed to play it a bit! Which I'm pleased about.

I finally managed to do the historic precinct walk today, there is some nice architecture here in Brisbane. The walk took me to the Botanic Gardens, which I had another look at before heading to Newstead House. One of the oldest houses in Australia, built back in the 1840s by Patrick Leslie. The ownership transferred to Captain Wickham, who sailed on the Beagle with Darwin when they explored the Northern coast of Australia. On this voyage it has also been noted that he trialled the Beaufort Scale (for measuring wind strength). The house passed on to the Harris family 1859 where they stayed until 1889. It was very interesting, and although obviously not as old as houses I'm used to looking around back in the UK, it was the first heritage house in Australia and marks an important part of Australian and Brisbane history. The house has beautiful views over Breakfast Creek. It was quite an historical day really!!

It's weird that my time Down Under has pretty much gone! And there's so much left to see that I just couldn't do. I guess it means another trip a few years down the line eh? Hehe.

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