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Good morning paradise

Breakfast with the Swedes Peter and Martin

Bluest beach I've ever seen

Little beach, little worries


Just in case you want a second look

Snorkling for sharks

The cat I met at lunch

Perfect beach

talking politics with Rick and Sam...sweet as a nut!

I probably would have appreciated the Perhenthian islands much more if I hadn't spent so much time island hopping in Thailand. It looks like every other island, but is still quite different than any I've been on before. Having no vehicles its quite peacefull, but after Kota Bharu I was dissapointed with the food. Of course everything was really expensive becasue the island was for tourists, but was I didn't like was that I couldn't find any of that really amazing local food that I had just come to love. Where do the locals eat anyways? I didn't really want burgers, sandwiches and pizza. I was, however, saved by the fresh fish which was amazing but too expensive to have for every meal. The snorkling is what made this place great. I went on a snorkling trip and saw dozens of black tip reef sharks; finally after so much snorkling in SE Asia I finally see sharks. The biggest ones were about 5 feet. I also had the pleasure of snorkling with many giant green sea turtles which are absolutely magnificent. They are slow and docile, so you can swim right up to them, and even smim along side of them for long periods of time. They always look so chilled out with their permasmile and slow movements. I spent most of my time chillin' out with Peter and Martin, swedish brothers who shared a roo with me on the first night. I also met a couple of great English guys(Sam and Rick) on the snorkling trip and a Dutch couple (Miranda and Danny) that I ended up travelling with to the jungle. I highly recomend the Perhenthian islands if you want to do nothing except snorkle, dive and eat fish.

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