Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Why are pirates called pirates???

Cos they ARGH he he :)

Full of anticipation we got to the harbour at Airlie beach and made our to to the boat. There were 11 of us and then 8 crew, so it was pretty quiet. Needless to say it didn't take us long to find our feet and relax into the drinking for the next 3 days. The boat trip started off ok, but towards the end of the first night it got a bit choppy on the water. Nat felt sick and this is how she stayed for the next couple of days. She slept on the deck too as it stunk in the cabins of diesel. The first night was cool though. Claire ended up sitting in the Galley with most of the crew and a few others playing drinking games. Ever heard of horse racing? The BEST drinking game ever! Keith joined them and decided to play catch up with Claire. Needless to say he got absolutely hammered.... running around with a gimp mask on and trying to snog the captain..... Turns out Keith didn't realise Claire had been cheating and had been drinking water for most of the night he he.

So the next morning we made our way to the beautiful Whitsunday Island. The weather wasn't too good so the sea was well choppy but you could still appreciate it. We then moved on to our first dive and snorkel site. Buy this time the weather had cleared, the water wasn't choppy and everyone felt good including Nat...Yay! We all got kitted out with wetsuits and dive/snorkel equipment and got taken to a beach by speedboat. We had to wear gloves and gimp masks coz of the stingers. Surprised that Claire and Nat actually made it into the water cos they were so scared!

Then we had this horrible rubbish dive instructor with no patience whatsoever who insisted on being a complete knob. So it was only Claire and this other guy who managed to complete a dive. Meanwhile Nat and Keith were off snorkelling finding Nemo!

Claire was captain of the boat for a bit...quite obvious at the time as most people were feeling a little sea sick.

At our second mooring we fed Reef Sharks and Sea Eagles with some raw and BBQ'd meat.... most of the men (keith included)also thought it's be fun to go diving into the very same section of water. They have no fear.

Well as we got to the end of the boat trip, we were all feeling better and had found our sea legs, but it was time to move on.....but not before a big night on the town!!!!!!

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