Jamie & Jodie's Big Asian Adventure 2006/7 travel blog

Arriving at Tioman Island

Jay takes a dip before sun set

Happy Jay!

Evening view from our terrace

We found the bar!

A mossie free night!

A beautiful walk in Tioman

Home on Tioman Island

Jodie about to take the plunge, Marine park

Tioman Marine park

Jungle backdrop

Jodie with a nice V&T

Jamie with a Praying Mantis

Sunset on the beach

A little closer...

More sunset...

Hi All

Yesterday morning Jamie and I set off at 8.30am and took a bus from KL to a town called Mersing on the other side of the peninsula. We arrived around 3pm and immediately picked up a ferry which took a further one and a half hours to our destination... Tioman Island.

We had read all the hype about how Tioman (location for the musical South Pacific) is among the top ten best Island getaways in the world and how the water is so clear that you have complete visibility up to 30ft, but nothing could have prepared us for the view when we stepped onto the Jetty... this place is nothing short of paradise!

One of the first sights that greeted us was a green turtle swimming along side the jetty in waters that are so clear it may as well have been glass. The beaches are scattered with wooden huts against a jungle backdrop... the fact that we hadn't eaten since 8am that morning soon became a non issue as we took it all in.

After securing a basic beach hut for 4 quid a night, I went to the local shop were I was served by a girl of 3 years old... and as I strolled back to our hut I was passed by a seven year old child driving a motorbike with a side cart packed with giggling kids! I began to get the feeling that they are pretty laid back in Tioman.

The first thing we did after unloading our bags was to run into the crystal water and to my surprise if felt rather like a warm bath...the water temperature is 28 degrees!!!

We are here for the next 3 days (although we're beginning to wish it were longer) and although I'm dying to share some photo's with you, the fastest internet connection is 30kb per second, (very basic dial up) so we will have to wait until we are back on the mainland.

Surprisingly we found a really cool bar on the beach last night and after a couple of drinks turned in for an early night. Jamie could hardly contain his excitement this morning and insisted that we do some snorkeling before breakfast...it was worth it. The coral is better than the Great Barrier Reef and one of the first things we saw was an electric blue spotted ray... absolutely incredible!

For those of you that have sent emails to our personal accounts it may be a few days before we can get back to you (we haven't been able to gather enough internet speed to open hotmail yet) but amazingly we do have a phone signal... speaking of which, we (meaning Jay) forgot to register our new number until this morning so if anyone had tried to call/tx prior to that it wouldn't have gone through so PLEASE try again.

Lots of love from paradise, J & J xxxxxx

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