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The holiday season was over. Friends had come and gone. I'd moved out of the beach house and was homeless once again. I had a book to finish but nowhere to write. I'd just received the news about JP's death. Life wasn't feeling quite so "charmed" at the moment.

I no longer wanted to stay in Costa Rica. No housesit jobs were available in Junquillal and regular rentals were way too expensive. Besides, internet services there had been the bane of my existence making it virtually impossible to do any research or further work on the book. Plus, life in Junquillal was almost too relaxed and the call of the sea too strong; it had been difficult finding motivation to work. And I know it's weird, but I now had a negative association with Costa Rica for being the place where I heard the news about JP...

So a change of scenery was definitely needed. But where? Winter was raging in Canada so no way was I gonna experience that! The world is full of places, but I kept getting drawn back to the idea of returning to South America, for a couple of reasons:

(1) I felt that in order to write a book about Volunteering in South America, I physically need to BE in South America, and

(2) my British friends (Richard and Ken) were soon coming to South America for a vacation AND my friends from Finland (Aira and Olaf) were currently traveling in South America, so heading down south would give me the opportunity to see both sets of friends.

So, after Rita and Greg left Costa Rica, I started my southward journey. From Liberia I took a bus to San Jose, stayed there a few days, then took another bus to Panama City, from where I caught a flight to Lima, Peru...and touched down once again on South America soil.

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