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Petronas Towers

so, a 4 hour journey back to pnomh penh listenin to Cambodian karaoke on the bus t.v. I once heard that in America they used heavy metal as a form of torture for the afghanistanis to make them divulge information. after this bus journey i was ready to crack. that said, it was better than on the way down where there was this film that lasted 3 hours. i couldn't really get what was goin on but from what i gather, this girl was a cripple but then was able to walk but real slow. then i missed a bit and then for the next hour one person after another would die from some disease or other and this little kid would just scream "Ma!Ma!Ma!" for about 10 minutes each time.

Off the bus in the middle of nowhere and on a moto back to the hostel i stayed at earlier in the week. it was pretty crap but the people where nice. lucky i got there because i though several times i was gonna die as we weaved in an out of rush hour traffic, all the while my big backpack pulling me backwards towards the road. i was so scared in fact, that i got off 10 minutes before my hostel to avoid the imminent death i feared.

Next day flew to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days which i didn't desperatley enjoy. the petronas towers looked good though and the shopping malls had some smart trainers.

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