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The Killing Fields - some of the 8000 skulls kept in rememberance

Bullets were expensive -0 this tree was used to slit throats

S-21 prison cells

A European prisoner made it seem all the more real

After a six hour bus ride i arrived in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia's capital city. It was busy, dirty and smelly, and after sittin on a tuk-tuk watchin a rat climb out from under a car bumper and run across the road to the sewers, i decided i wouln't be staying long. The full day i had was quite a contrasting one. The mornin was utterly depressing as i visited the killing fields, a mass grave site where cambodians were buried - many alive - during pol pots regime to rid Cambodia of foreign influences as well as those who may be clever enough to form a rebellion, or weak enough to be of no use. Indeed, all doctors were killed meaning there was no treatment and thus many would die from diahrrea or vomiting. In all, 2 million Cambodians died in 4 years as a result of this regime. This is a quarter of the then population, and its horrifying to think this was happening less than 30 years ago. I also visited S-21 an old school converted to interrogate, torture and execute prisoners. It was full of horrific images as well as cells and rooms kept as they were in the day. Overall, it was horrible but something i felt important to do.

In the evening, i visited an orphanage where i viewed the orphans doing Cambodian dances then afterwards i played basketball with them. I didn't get one basket, and only occasionally manged to hit the backboard, but had a great evening which was much needed after the morning. Also met some good lads and had some beers and played pool afterwards. Being as its so humid u have to put talcum powder on ure hands to reduce friction. we decided the more the better and i ended up completley covered. but i did win, so mabybe there's method in the madness

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