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The border at Poipet

The bus

Two girls who gave me a free bracelet - then sold me...

Bayon temple

Face of King Juryvarmen

Ta Prohm - used in the Tomb Raider Movie

Angkor Wat - the largest religous building in the world

Steps at Angkor - i later found out people had fell off...

Stone Carvings at Banteay Srei

Got on the Bus at Bangkok at 6,30 in the morning. Arrived at the border about 1.00pm and was greeted by a little girl, maybe 3 0r 4 years old beggin for money. Juanito, the Spanish belt maker (who incidentally will be at the clothes show this year), gave her a coin, after which she climb up onto the railway line and wondered off. it was pretty sad to see, but an apt welcome to Cambodia which is very poor and reminded me of Africa when you see it in those comic relief programmes. Over the border and onto a nice big air-conditioned bus. this bus transported us 5 minutes down the road onto one of the crappest buses ive ever seen. overcrowded and not big enough for anyone taller than a midget, with seats covered with plastic. Plastic!? bloody ridiculous. I can see them in the office now:

"Its hot today"

"35 degrees i heard"

"So what material we gonna use for these seats, fabric?"

"I reckon plastic would be best"

"Good idea."

So yeah, arrived at siem reap at 9.00pm along the bumpiest road ever. turns out that the reason it hasn't been tarmacced is because bangkok airlines service the route and will loose money if it is, therefore they pay the government to leave it as it is. Spent 3 days around the temples, 2 on the back of a moto so got to see plenty. hopefully the photos show they were pretty amazing - certainly no disappoinment. Although the hoards of korean tourists who seem to be following me everywhere on this trip meant that i enjoyed the lesser known temples best since i felt a bit more like an explorer. My moto driver told me how one time angelina jolie was there and he got to shake here hand. On the final day, i cycled round the temples on a bike that must have been made out of coathangers. I saw some monkeys by the side of the road and stopped to watch them. As soon as i dismounted, the male monkey mounted, and the pair started having sex. not wanting to be labelled an animal sex pervert, i hopped back on the bike and rode off.

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