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Temples in Royal Palace Walls, Bangkok

This a statue from the temples in Bangkok

The Reclining Buddha - as long as an olympic swimming pool

Khao San Road - cheap t-shirts and wooden toads

Alright. been away six weeks and have finally got around to updatin this. to everyone who sent me messages i didn't realise that i had to select them for the guestbook and thus didn't know i had any. but thanks all the same, and there now in the guestbook.

So, Bangkok was dirty, noisy, full of people tryin to con me and it took literally 10 minutes to cross the road. Sometimes i'd try and turn back but then there'd be loads of cars that side and i'd be stuck in the middle.

When i first arrived i paid 80 baht for a tuk-tuk (horse drawn carriage with a motorbike instead of a horse) and the journey took 10 minutes to my hostel. the next day i turned right out my hostel only to see where i had been dropped off by the bus was 100 metres away! Later that day i also got conned into another tuk-tuk journey because i was told the palaces were closed for the mornin. as it happened tho this worked out well as it cost me 60 baht (about a pound) for 2 1/2 hours round the city visitin some sites. of course, i also had to vist a tailors and a jewellers even though i didn't wish to since these guys work on commission. At one point of the tour i found myself waiting outside a temple with a mexican-american, an australian-thai and a shifty frenchman who wouldn't sit down, all of whom were in bangkok to buy jewellry and then sell it for double in there own countries. they tried to convince me to do the same but i just humoured them and then ran off.

Overall, i didn't really like bangkok though the temples were good as the pictures hopefully show. 3 days done and off to Cambodia.

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