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Well, China...it's life son, but not as we know it!

On the plus side, you can buy anything you want..the thing is that they also sell alot of what you don't want, especially in Restaurants and secondly it can be very difficult to identify so it is normally best to do like the women used to do in the early settler days, just close your eyes and think of England.

Dishes in top demand, just to tickle ya taste buds include, the ever popular Dog HotPot, and you can even choose the leg in the Restaurant window. Scorpions are also a family favourite and most would like them served with a side order of chickens feet. The variety of chicken feet dishes is really quite amazing. Turtle (large and small) also popular and eels and snakes never fail to impress...which of these we have eaten ourselves is anyones guess but it has all been edable. The food however is not that great, I had bigger expectations. I was always complaining in NZ that it is hard to get good chinese, well it is even harder in China. However they do make up for it on the speed of giving you your food. It is infront of you on the table almost before you have finished ordering it (or in our case pointing at it)

Almost no English spoken in China (well where we went) so catch a bus or train from A to B was a laugh especially with there wierd writing system.

It is also very polluted here though some are saying that is from the fires they are burning over the country to clear the land for planting and they are bloody noisey too these Chinese. Also a word about the spitting...when I mean spitting what I am mean in they seem obsessed with regurgitating there breakfast and lunch, rolling it around in their mouths (very much like a cat bringing up a fur-ball) and then spitting it right next to you while you are trying to eat!! They do this on buses, trains, restaurants and hotels and of course on the street. They also blow their noses in there hands and wipe it on the furniture. We are well and truely sick of these habits and this is the one time where we will not do as the natives do.

Heading into Laos now, and can't wait.

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