Steph's Year in Australia 2006-2007 travel blog



Ryan, Darren, Nikki, and Maire in front of the ute

Trying to set up the pawn shop tent



Poker Keith in his blue singlet

This guy didn't know you're supposed to wait to dress up

Drunkie trying to do a beer bong




Ryan and Darren


Me and Dave


Ryan and Dave






Keith, our poker friend






We got lucky with the food dye


Yuck!!! So gross!!



A very hungover and sick Darren!

The mess the next morning



A lovely Nikki


OJ, water, and diet coke - perfect for a hangover!!







The lineup to get breathlyzer checks






We were seriously in the middle of nowhere!!




Covered in muck








So disgusting!!!!



We were so dirty, it was so gross!!!


The whole time we've been working at our farm, the boys have always gone on about these B&S farmer's ball parties that go on all over Victoria and New South Wales every so often. There was one on March 10th so 3 of us girls got a ride with the twins, Ryan and Darren, to this 'ball'. Oh, and the B&S stands for Bachelors and Spinsters!!! It was in some small town called Elmore which is about 4 hours even further north in the middle of nowhere. We pulled up to this huge empty field where everyone shows up in their utes (pick-up trucks) covered in stickers and revs theirs engines constantly. People are riding on the hoods of their cars and everything. There was a huge lineup of cars when we got there and when you pay to get in they give you a stubby holder, a sticker, a cow ear tag, and 'personal protection'. haha Then you just park your ute anywhere you want and start drinking.

The girls there were very frightening country chics! You wouldn't want to give the wrong one the wrong look! All the guys wear the same thing - a blue singlet and jeans....they said it's an Aussie thing. Anyways everyone just sits around drinking until around 8 when everyone starts changing for the 'black tie' event. But literally, everyone just strips down out in the open. Guys were peeing on their own cars even cuz they were too lazy to walk to the bushes, nevermind the toilet! There were some really classy people there haha!! It's not really black tie because what happens later is absolutely crazy!!! You go into this huge shed where you get unlimited drinks all night and hot food all night and there were 2 bands playing. Then girls start ripping off guys bowties and the pockets off their shirts. And then the guys' shirts get ripped off. That's not even the crazy part!!! People put food dye in their drinks and then spray them everywhere so some people come out of there green and blue and all other colors!!! It was insane!!!! It was quite the experience and we met some very interesting people. But it was definitely an experience that not many backpackers get to see for themselves. We were glad we went, and as crazy as it sounds I would go to another one haha. And it was totally worth the money. Unlimited drinks and food all night, then unlimited bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning with orange juice and bottles water!! It kinda reminded me of being at the Cowboys tent during Stampede (minus the whole food dye stuff going on!!).

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