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dont know why we're laughing - no idea of how horrendous its...

able to sleep anywhere - 6hrs on a steel boat deck

Getting back across Nicaragua and down to the Costan Rican border at San Carlos was another nightmare journey - we'd managed to hitch part of the way down but then got dropped off in the middle of nowhere somewhere between Juigcalpa and San Carlos (and i mean nowhere) we waited and waited and waited for another car or bus but neither came...we were just sat by the side of the road in the blazing heat for 5 hours praying that we'd be able to get out of there before night time - there were no hotels around so were thinking it was going to be a hammock and mossie net on the side of the road (me starting to panic a little!) ...especially when a local guy came to tell us there were no more buses to san carlos as it was saturday, and there wouln't be any on sunday either but he'd drive us there for $70... yeah right, thats when we knew he was probably lying and EVENTUALLY a bus came around the corner...never been so relieved in my life to see a bus! was so packed though and we were so hot from sitting in the sun all day we thought it would be good fun to get up on the roof along with all the luggage and a few random locals ...was SO uncomfortable and bumpy, but we didn't mind as thought it was only a couple of hours to san carlos....

6 HRS LATER we were still sitting on top of that ******* nearly crying as in so much pain (metal spikes sticking up everywhere) and my clothes (and skin) ripped to shreds...not to mention the bruises all over us we discovered the next day - my hips and back looked like i'd been in a serious fight..minging! we can laugh about it now, but was not funny at the time - thought we were never going to get there...we were lucky when we arrived that the driver dropped us off outside a hotel that was still open (1am) as was such a dodgy place that don't think we'd've got out of there alive!!

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