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Today is our final day of holiday. We're off to the airport this afternoon, then a very long flight to Los Angeles. Time zones/date line will deliver one of those interesting quirks of international travel: after some 12 or so hours in the air we'll actually arrive in L.A. two hours before we leave Auckland! Then it's a transfer from Quantas to Air Alaska for the final leg of our journey back to Vancouver.

It's been a wonderful vacation, but I must admit I'm quite looking forward to getting back home. My daughters tell me the Vancouver weather has been terrible so I'm sure there are nothing but sunny skies ahead, and my lawn has apparently already been mowed once last week!

Higlights of this trip? There are so many ... diving in Tahiti and the Great Barrier Reef; walking the streets of Sydney during the day and enjoying the lights and sounds of Darling Harbour at night; the sail out from Sydney Harbour at sunset; the wonderful experience of the Maori culture in New Zealand; cocktails with friends (old and new) before dinner on our various balconies.

The misses? Very few: disappointment that Melbourne couldn't compete with Sydney for its vibrancy/excitement; missing Dunedin because the ship couldn't dock; the poor tour of Aukland we took.

This is the longest vacation I've every taken, and the variety of things we did and saw kept every day fresh ... I could do this again!

Time to begin planning the next trip ...

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