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Rita & Greg, my best mates

Our view of Lake Arenal & Arenal Volcano...where's the volcano???

Taking a shortcut through the jungle

Lots of jungle, still no volcano!

That's what it look likes! (photo courtesy of internet)

Another photo of lake and volcano (from internet)

Some daytime rumbling (from internet)

What it often looks like at night (from internet)

Another night view (from internet)

Rita and Greg are my best friends in the whole wide world. They had arrived in Junquillal while Tracy and I were in Nicaragua, so I was anxious to get back and spend some time with my best mates. I found them in Junquillal doing what they do best - sipping cocktails and relaxing by the pool!

They're still caught up in that horrible rat race that North Americans call "work", and were also exhausted from the busy holiday season in Canada. Being lazy while poolside was the grand sum of what they wanted to do, with a little dose of "eat, drink and be merry" thrown in.

After a week of said relaxation, Rita and Greg were energized enough to consider leaving the pool and seeing a bit more of Costa Rica. They had only allowed a few days in which to do so, but we figured that gave us enough time for a road trip to see Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano.

Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica. It provides the perfect forefront for the impressive Arenal Volcano which is considered one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world. Arenal Volcano was dormant for hundreds of years until 1968, when it erupted and lava flows killed 78 people. It's been constantly active since and mild rumbles occur as frequently as every half hour. Nighttime often provides spectacular views of rocks flying up from its conical top and red-hot lava flowing.

Now, unfortunately we had a little problem when we got to the Arenal area. The weather. Low hanging cloud and intermittent rain showers gave us a zero, zip, nada view of the volcano. Not during the day. Not at night. It was hard to believe there really was a volcano there! I had to steal a few photos off the internet just to show you what we should've seen!

No volcano? No worries. We decided we'd amuse ourselves for the day at one of the hot springs, which offers a variety of pools with a selection of different temperatures. But the weather ruined those plans too. It was just too darn cold to spend the day at the pool! So, finally, we did a bit of snooping and shopping along the streets of La Fortuna, the town that's nearest the volcano (where we were staying), and basically ate, drank and were merry in our hotel room which was nicely located next to a pretty little babbling brook. Didn't matter to me what we did, it was all about spending time with my best mates.

No volcano...no hot springs...and no more time. The next day we returned to Liberia, and the following day Rita and Greg caught their flight back to the Great White North...and back to the rat race. Now that's gotta suck!

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