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No idea how I managed to do this getting out of a...

I fell over in Chennai and gave myself a lovely big graze...

Poor Lucy had very bad sunburn from a day snorkling even though...

I whacked my knee with the fire poi which left a black...

Hello Everyone,

Well I'm back in England now and thankfully it's quite a sunny day. It's so different here being in a real house and with clean modern roads that I find it hard to think I was somewhere completely different just two days ago. I've just got a tan and a thousand photos to remind me it was real.

I thought I would find it strange to be back but I seem to have slipped back in to normal life quickly with just a couple of exceptions:

-Slight confusion on the toilet when I couldn't find the bucket for my loo roll. Then I remembered we flush it down the loo here.

-And I was still suffering from mozzie paranioa yesterday thinking I definately just saw a mozzie but I suspect that was from going for 43hrs with practically no sleep.

I had an amazing and fantastic time and despite all the illness and a couple of times when we were genuinely scared I would definately do it all again given the choice.

Very early on in our travels we decided that we had both been suffering from various illnesses and decided to start an ailments list to amuse ourselves for 5 min on a long bus journey. We kept the list up and I thought I would include it here for your ammusement.

The Ailements List

Kidney infection (L) - Lucy bravely left England with a kidney infection and a load of antibiotics

Delhi Belly etc (C) - Well you know all about that by now.

Mosquito Bites (C&L) - They really itch.

Multiple unknown bruises (C&L)

Mouth ulcers (C) - An unfortunate side effect of my malaria tablets

Cracked dry lips (C&L)

Nasty skin rash (L) - Probably due to the malaria tablets

Near concussion (C) - I hit my head on something nearly everyday in India but there were a couple of times I saw stars particularly when I smacked it against a marble staircase.

Multiple toe stabbing (C&L)

Twisted ankle (C&L)

Nose bleed (L)

Rickshaw Injury (C) - Somehow I really hurt the back of my leg getting out of a rickshaw.

Atheletes foot (C)

Sunburn (C&L)

Cough/Cold (C&L) - Both as a result of taking antibiotics

Cut foot (L)

Scalded face (C) - One of the few showers that had hot water came out so hot it scalded my face before I could leap out in time.

Blood blister (C)

Mozzie paranoia (C&L)

Grazed knee (C)

Coral Injury (C&L) - I only scratched my stomach but Lucy had a nasty cut/graze on her foot that went a bit purple and swolen.

Hangovers (C&L) - Self inflicted so you can't feel sorry for us on this one.

Take care and try not to end up with any of the above,


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