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Colca Canyon

Andean Condor

Andean Woman

Critter related to the rabbit and chinchilla

Road trip

Wild vicuna related to llamas and alpacas

Looking out over the town of Chivay

This will be quick as we`ve got to shower, eat lunch, catch a 5 hour bus ride back to Lima and then catch our flight out tonight!

We spent several days in the Colca Canyon which is much deeper than the Grand Canyon and is spectacular. One of the main attractions in the Canyon are the Andean Condors. These amazing birds can have a wing span up to 3.5 meters and can live for around 45 years in the wild. Its pretty impressive when they soar over your head. We were lucky to see 5 of them. We stayed in a small town called Chivay, which has a fantastic hot springs near by that we were able to visit our first night. We also got to see 1200 year old hanging tombs that were carved into the stone cliff side. Some of the bodies had been exhumed and put into a museum, while others still remained in the tombs.

Got to run now.

Love Caresse

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