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If you come to Ko Phangan I can fully reccomend staying here.

You get to stay in a huge beach hut for less money...

And you stay on this beautiful empty beach.

The only down side is my fear of crabs isn't being helped...

Lucy chilling out in the shade

It's all so beautiful.

Ko Phangan

Mini waterfall

Beautiful beach

Sun set from another boat


On the beach.

Fire Poi!

Thats me in the middle of there. It's a bit scary!

All ready to go out. Looking a lot fresher than when we...

The full moon!

The boom cafe gang.

A small section of the crowded beach

The suns coming up and were still standing! Bucket loads of booze...

... into right posers!

I know it looks like yet another boring sunset but this is...

Pretty Lucy

The afterparty.

There were some very funny looking people there.

Sunset that night.

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Our little beach

(MP4 - 1.21 MB)

Claire's Poi lessons No 1. The Weave

(MP4 - 1.36 MB)

Lesson 2. Corkscrew

(MP4 - 1.78 MB)

Lesson 3. The Butterfly

(MP4 - 1.98 MB)

What was left of the beach at sunrise.

(MP4 - 1.85 MB)

The after party at 'The Back Yard' a giant tree house/club.


I hope you are all well. We're exhausted after some serious party going.

From Krabi we caught the worlds slowest bus and then ferry to Ko Phangan. We should have arrived at 6pm but didn't get there untill 11pm. Luckily, in a place where accomodation is hard to come by at full moon time, the lady had kept our room.

It's important to book a room in advance around the full moon but many places don't take bookings. We spent a couple of hours in India trying lots of websites but with no luck. While I was busy dying in Singapore a very determind Lucy searched and searched and emailed every address she could find. One replied! After confirming the booking Lucy couldn't find where she heard of this place or what it was like. For all we knew it could be a cardboard box in a tree but at least it was close to the party and cheap (seven pounds for the room).

The tuk-tuk dropped us off near the to of a steep hill and we set off down a path signposted to the Boom Cafe. As we walked in the dark furth and further down the hill along a dirt track into the dense forest images of a spider filled cardboard box in a tree started to become a worrying possibility. Lucy was even apologising in advance.

When we finally made it to the bottom of the hill our fears were dispelled. We were greated by the lovely owner (Nok) who had been very concerned as to where we were and offered us beer and dohnuts to remedy our long journey. The room was big modern and clean, we were sooo happy! Lucy is a total genius!

Things got even better the next day when in the daylight we found we were on a beautiful little beach which rarely has even two other people on it. We spent most of the day lazing under palm trees and in the late afternoon decided to walk back to the main road and to Had Rin (the party place). Nok had said it was half hour away but I think she meant if you were running along the beach at low tide. After 20 min of walking up and down steep hills we were exhausted, dehydrated and no where near Had Rin. Luckily a taxi picked us up and we haven't tried walking since.

As in Goa everyone travels by moped here which if you ask me is pretty dangerous. There are a series of steep hills and sharp corners and the Thai drivers don't exactly keep to their side of the road. We heard of a couple of people coming off and breaking their legs. The tuk-tuks hurtle up and down the hills so fast it's like being on a roller coaster, I love it! Lucy, who can't see why anyone would pay to go to ALton Towers, was not so keen.

We had lots of fun here snorkling and shopping while we waited for the party on Sunday. We made friends with a group of people staying with us and went to the party with them following a few warm up beers at the Boom Cafe. Me and Lucy travelled in style to Had Rin hanging off the back of a tuk-tuk. I think Lucy actually preferred this to sitting in one.

The beach was packed, the music was brilliant and the 'buckets'of booze were cheap, all the ingrediants for a fantastic time. The party totally lived up to our expectations and we not only made it till the sun came up but to the after party in a giant tree house in the hills.

After all this writing I'm now ready to go back to bed. I think we will get a thai massage to remair our aching limbs first, where I'll probably go to sleep!

See you all soon,


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