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Today's an "at sea" day which means for most people a lazy day. I on the other hand, woke up at 6:30, did some reading on the deck, then was true to the promise I made myself that I'd get to the gym every day. On return, I ordered breakfast on my deck, showered, and then spent time catching up on these blog entries. The internet if VERY slow, and somewhat intermittent. I'm lucky in that Jim and Karen have taken enough Princess cruises that they have free internet access, which they don't really use. So I've been able to sign in the system using their cruise key (an on-board combo cabin key, security pass and payment system for everything on the ship). But it is time consuming. So please be patient with the process of "batching" I'm doing with these entries.

After lunch (and I'm eating lots of fruit!), I spent the afternoon poolside reading and enjoying the quiet.

This is a big ship. At 953 feet it can accommodate 2,760 passengers and 1120 crew, and has 748 staterooms with private balconies (the balance are inner cabins or lower level without balconies). There are 4 swimming pools, a 9-hole putting golf course, chapel, theatre, jogging track.

My own cabin has a queen size bed, and is efficiently laid out to include large closet, bathroom with shower, wall unit with television, and a large enough balcony that it has four chairs, and when the gang comes to my room for cocktails with can add more chairs quite comfortably.

Tonight was the first of two "formal" dining evenings. I took Gary's advice, and rather than pack a suit, shirts, and ties, simply rented a tux. I sent measurements before leaving Vancouver, and when I checked in it was there waiting for me in the closet. One of the shirts was a bit tight around the collar, but it was replaced within ½ an hour and I was set. These formal nights are quite neat ... everyone obviously enjoys getting gussied up and there are nothing but smiles everywhere. There was also a captain's reception before dinner for all "returning" Princess customers ... (Sandy's and my first cruise, in the Mediterranean, had been aboard Golden Princess). By the time we finished dinner I was ready for bed ... and had no problem getting to sleep.

Oh ... I almost forgot. Saw my first dolphins swimming alongside the ship this afternoon. Apparently they'd been following along behind the ship for some time, but by the time I noticed them from my cabin they had grown tired of the game and headed out before I could grab the camera.

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