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Fountain on Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

Jim, Karen, Gary and Barb ... last meal in Sydney

Barb, Karen, Jim & Paul ... dinner on the Harbour

Cocktails on my balcony just before we sail (Opera House in background)

After arrival at our hotel in Sydney, last evening was pretty much taken up with trying to get my computer fixed, and then meeting the gang for a walk down to Darling Harbour for a late dinner on the waterfront. What fun we had, and what terrific views. Sydney's a wondrous spectacle, particularly at night. It seems everyone was in town for dinner ... and this a Monday night!

Knowing that my computer hard drive was failing and I couldn't get it to boot up, and that one of the shops I visited last night was able to pull my photos off and burn them onto a DVD, I spent the morning rebuilding Windows. The good news is that I don't think there are any problems associated with Vista, but I do think I may also have a video problem. Anyway it's working now, and I'll keep using it until it crashes again. I really do need to do my typing entries on my own PC as because the ship's internet is so slow, I need all my available time for uploading pictures (3-4 minutes per picture!).

At noon we boarded a bus at our hotel and headed down to Pier 5 to board Sapphire Princess. Lots of people of course, but the total check-in security clearances, paperwork, etc. took about an hour, so it was really no worse then boarding a plane (except most planes to hold 4000+ people!

Gary and Barb have taken a nice suite at the back (or "aft" as we sea-going types call it), and I'm on the same level on the port (left) side about 6 cabins further up, and Karen and Jim are at about the same position on the starboard side.

We spent our final afternoon in Sydney back off the shop, provisioning our respective cabins with wine/beer which is officially frowned on by the cruise lines, but perfectly tolerated. Better to have afternoon cocktails on someone's deck then to pay the price of a glass up in one of the dozen or so bars. Scheduled departure from Sydney was 9:00 p.m. (later than usual), so we decided to have an early dinner, then head back to Barb & Gary's suite for the sail out of Sydney harbour.

The weather cooperated in that we'd enjoyed a beautiful sunset just before dinner (about 7:30 p.m.), and then enjoyed a warm evening as we watched over the next hour or so after dinner watching the lights of Sydney and environs slowly fade away. Finally at about 10:30 we cleared the harbour entrance headed out on a south / south-westerly course for Melourne.

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