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The road to Jang Cave south of Vang Vieng

Shez, Sherri and Sarah on the toll bridge over the Nam Song...

View from the bridge (left)

View from the bridge (right)

Stairs up to the main cavern entrance

The caves were used as a bunker against marauding Chinese in early...

Jang means "steadfast" apparently

The caves went on for a few hundred metres

Surprised Sarah

It was really nice just wandering around

Eventually the cave opens out onto a viewpoint in the limestone wall

View of Nam Song river and Vang Vieng on the right bank

We then headed back to Vang Vieng via the...

Cool spring at the foot of the cave

To the Sunset Restaurant to watch, guess what ?

A sunset !!

We had a few Beerlao whilst watching

We would cross this bamboo footbridge to start our walk to Phu...

The walk to Phu Kham Cave the next day

It was a long road in not that cool temperatures

This was the 200m path (climb) up to the cave entrance

It was well worth it though

We were the only ones in the cave

The cave was illuminated by natural light from a break in the...

Buddha foot level

Sherri and Sarah coming back down the "path"

The "blue lagoon" by the start of the path up to Phu...

Very blue (and fishy) indeed !

We decided to get a tuk-tuk back

Just in time for another Beerlao sunset !

Vang Vieng was an even better place to chill out. Nice walks in the countryside, caves to explore and tubing Beerlao stylee on the river. The tubes were large tractor tyre inner tubes. The tubing was one of the highlights of our trip so far. Excellent views of the limestone outcrops, nice weather and people selling Beerlao every 100 metres or so. The whole trip took 4 hours. Quality.

We also met up with Shez and Sherri, who we had met previously in Hoi An, Hue and Vientiane. As well as doing the tubing (sadly no photos - would have been excellent shot though as all the inner tubes are painted pink) we hiked to Jang cave (2 km away) and then the next day to Phu Kham cave (8 km away).

The 3 hour pick-up ride from Vientiane was not too bad either, much better than any bus in Vietnam, got to meet locals going to market and saw excellent scenery on the way. All for the price of US$1 each. Vang Vieng also boasts the best value for money guest houses we have found yet. Ensuite, very clean, spacious, quiet, free tea/coffee/water, all for US$4 a night. Lots of good quality pizza restaurants here aswell.

Both solid. We leave tommorrow by private minibus (more comfortable) to Luang Prabang. Should take about 6 hours.

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