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Ladies' early morning exercise in the pool in Cairns

Pelicans on Cairns beach

Shrimp fishing off the beach ... beware the crocodiles!

This was another travel day, our return to Sydney. I got up early and went for a nice long walk along the beach in Cairns just as the sun was coming up. Took some great photos, including one of a group of pelicans looking for food, and of a cranky old man throwing a net out into the water. He didn't want to talk about what he was up to, but I found out later he was fishing for shrimp.

The plant life in this area is quite something. I took more photos of flowers for which I'll likely never know their names.

The beach along much of Cairns is actually quite muddy. And there are signs posted along the beach warning people that there are crocodiles in the area and you should not enter the water. So they've created a really nice boardwalk, well landscaped, and lots of storyboards explaining the history of the area, a bit about the plant and animal life, and so on. In the centre of town, right along the beach, they've also built a large swimming pool with a sandy bottom which is free and open to the public. While I was there, a group of elderly women were walking around the pool up to their knees in water, obviously using this as their daily dose of exercise.

Mid-morning we departed our hotel and headed for the airport. Another day of travel.

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