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See what's behind the mountain range just north of Cape Town -...

Sittin at my McGreggor B&B and enjoying some fine sunset and a...

Looking what's around

Me again...but sunny

My view from my B&B backyard - not bad...


Limitless and endless beauty

Cute cottage in McGreggor

Roofs in McGreggor

On route to Greyton

Now I'm in Greyton, a picturesque village at the foot of some...

See, the mountains...

Some fantastic clouds


I just love the changing colours of the rocks on the side...

Heading back to Cape Town

That's Cape Point in the distance...a look over False Bay

On the weekend of Feb. 16th, I headed out on a bit of a road trip inland to check out some quaint cute towns along the Robertson Valley winelands and at the foot of some mountians. Passing through an unbelievably long tunnel that ran at least 5km under a mountain, I came out to see very different scenery from that near Cape Town. Dry valleys and mountain ranges where along the road, you have a better chance of hitting a baboon than a deer, you definately feel the African and Afrikaans vibe.

I spent the first night (although sick) in the quaint town of McGreggor at a very sweet B&B. Eating and drinking fabulous fairs, the scenery was breathtaking and the locals very friendly. After spending the night in McGreggor, I drove through a valley filled with vineyards and wound up in a town called Greyton - I believe a place that helped inspire Tolkein with the scenery of the Lord of the Rings. It was a magical place, but unfortunately part of its surroundings had been subject to a fire. Still, the greenery stood out as did the local art that was prominant in the cafes and guest houses.

Finally, on the Sunday, I headed back to Cape Town and decided take a little detour to Hermanus - the town where everyone goes to see whales. Frankly, I was disappointed by the lack of character and intimacy Hermanus definately did not provide and after grabbing a quick snack, I made my way back along the very scenic drive that hugs the east coast all the way back to Cape Town.

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