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We are reporting to you live from Hong Kong. Jesus is it hectic here, some of you guys would absolutely hate it, it is noisey, busy, dirty and a hell of a lot of fun, unusually, we are loving it. There are neon signs from here to China, literally, it is amazing and they must spend a shit load on power. The food isn't bad if you are into dog, snake liver or oxe penis..yummy yummy, Honk is loving it, especially the last dish, I have to drag him out of the restaurants some times, it is quite embaressing! Yesterday as we passed a fish restaurant with some kind of large rock cod displayed in a tank not much bigger than they were, not much of a life for the poor things, though I expect they aren't in there for long anyway, yum yum. Honk has turned out to be a master with the chop sticks...I always suspected he had a bit of ching chong in him. It is a bit of a bugger actually as we normally get a plate to share and he nails most of it before I can get a noodle into my mouth, if I don't pick up the pace soon there will be nothing left of me...quite a good diet programme really.

We are staying in a backpackers with a room the size of a shower, and our shower is in the communal toilet...literally!! We are getting a visa for China tomorrow so head off there on Tuesday, now that should be interesting, especially because we have no idea where we are going as the guide book we bought in Cape Town for this part of the trip doesn't cover China...and we gotta go through there to get to Vietnam and then on to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand...bring on the diving!!

As mentioned previously, we had the best time ever in Germany...it appears that they aren't all freaks. We got taken out for cidar and traditional German food in Frankfurt. Then we flew to London, and had a good look around there...jesus christ that was pricey but really cool. They have some really nice big old buildings and stuff and we went to Buckingham Palace and one of the guards nearly slipped over, so that made our day, what a bloody laugh. And we fed the squirls in the park. Then after a week we headed back to Germany, Munich this time and got straight off the plane and into a beer hall, 13 litres of beer later we ended up totally shit faced with some German dudes and then stumbling down the street, after getting kicked out, talking to each other in an English Cockney accent and thinking we were the funniest things out. We have decided we like Germany, and more importantly, we like there beer.

We are now, as mentioned above, in Hong Kong and as all good travellers do, when in Hong Kong you do as the Hong Kongiens do, so we hit our first Karioke bar last night, Jarrod very reserved on the singing front and was quite happy to sit back and let the locals talk me into a song, or six! Embarressing to say the least but a bloody good laugh all the same, and if you pass this information on to anyone, I shall have to return home early and kill your asses!

Well that is about all our news for now, look forward to hearing from you dudes and look out for me on the TV as I am considering entering in the Air Guitar Champs for a bit of a change, now I have this Karioke thing sorted.

Lots of love as always

The Kiwis,

The best representatives the Home Land have ever had!

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